Troy’s Toy Drive reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas

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22 Jan

Troy’s Toy Drive reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas

The following letter to the editor was sent to us during the lead up to this past year’s Troy’s Toy Drive. It’s a wonderful note and it’s good to know that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well in and around our community.

I just wanted to write this letter to let everyone out there know that with some kids the true meaning of Christmas still does exist.

My 2 young sons ages 6 and 8, have made me so proud. A friend of ours who owns 2 restaurants in Milton does a toy drive every year, to ensure that children in need will receive a toy on Christmas morning. He sent out an email to everyone he could to ask for help with this charity. I mentioned this to my 8 year old son Logan. Within 10 minutes he was in his room and then in the basement. I enquired what he was doing. He informed me that he and his younger brother Dylan were going through their old toys to sell.

“Mom we are doing a toy store “.

I asked him why? Both of them informed me that they were going to tell everyone that they knew about their toy store, so that they could help Troy give all the kids a new toy at Christmas. They are going to donate all of the money that they earn to this wonderful wonderful charity.

Boy did my eyes water. To think that these 2 boys thought not of themselves but of those children out there that are not as fortunate as themselves. I like to think that I am instilling the right values in my sons. I also have to thank St. Joesph school in Acton, for continuing in their education with good Catholic values. To always think of others before yourself, and to always care. To put forth your best, and always make others feel important. Mr. Simpson is an amazing principal, enforcing with the staff, what we as parents do at home!

I told my family of this, and they have offered to help the boys out. So we put our heads together, and have decided to have an indoor garage sale with a used TOY STORE. As well we will be having a bake sale and raffle prizes. With proceeds going to Troys Toy Drive, and St.Vincent’s for St. Joseph school.

The more kids we can help, is the more smiles on Christmas morning. If any one wants details they can reach us at 519-362-4894.

In this day and age, with so much wrong in this world, and with negativity all around my 2 Christmas angels have shown me that Christmas miracles still do exist, and that it is not all about getting the newest , or most expensive toy out there. It is about giving to others, and making sure that no child is without a gift on Christmas morning.

Thank you for taking the time to read this from a very, very, very proud parent.


Mr. & Mrs. J. Robson

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